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Kua is a Swahili word meaning to grow, to develop or to mature.

Kua Ventures embodies this concept of growth through impact investing in faith driven businesses that not only deliver a positive social or environmental change, but also display the love of Christ through creation of quality jobs, and activating a community for personal, professional, and spiritual growth for everyone involved.

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Kua Venture Coaches
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What We Offer


An investment of between KES 5m and KES 10m over a period of two to five years to help grow your business


A pool of local and international professionals and entrepreneurs who to coach you through various aspects of business


A group of believers doing business in the region who provide a network that you can tap in to for your business

Call for Applications.

Kua Ventures is launching its third round of investments in Kenya and calls for you to apply to be part of a portfolio of entrepreneurs creating and leading change in how business is done within the ecosystem. The Kua Ventures investment in committed entrepreneurs goes beyond injection of capital to include customized coaching that is aimed at generating growth within the SME sector. We deliberately drive community support by linking our portfolio companies with each other for peer support and synergy.

Funding criteria:

  1. The Founder(s) is a Kenyan National.
  2. The Founder(s) runs the business upholding Christian principles.
  3. The Founder(s) is driven by creating social impact through his/her business model.
  4. The Business has a minimum three-year track record with two years of Audited Financial Results.
  5. The Business has annual revenue of between KES 5m and KES 25m (indicative).
  6. The Business is looking for an investment of between KES 5m and KES 10m over a period of two to five years.
  7. The Founder(s) is committed to being part of a growing community of Kua Ventures Small & Growing Businesses in the region.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your application, write to with your business name in the subject line.

We're Also Looking For


Enterprises creating change in Kenya and meeting these criteria:

  • Founders are Kenyan nationals
  • Founders want to be transformed and inspired by Christ as they run their business
  • Founders are driven by creating impact through their business model
  • Enterprises have revenue between US$100,000 and US$500,000 (indicative)
  • Enterprises are looking for investment between US$10,000 and $100,000
  • Enterprises are positioned to thrive post-COVID-19 crisis


Experienced entrepreneurs who are interested in joining Kua Ventures’ mission to coach and provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs.

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  • Driven by their faith and desire to share their journey with others
  • Entrepreneurial experience (preferred)
  • Proven track record of adding value to own or other businesses 
  • Strong expertise in areas that can add value to Small and Growing businesses
  • Passion and commitment to help entrepreneurs thrive and enterprises grow
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Like-minded organizations working with entrepreneurs to create sustainable change in their communities.

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